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Back and Pain Centre, started in 2008, is an endeavour to alleviate Chronic Pain ailments from the most Qualified and experienced Apollo Hospital’s Pain Management Specialist in bringing the latest and best treatment to the chronic pain patients. Back and Pain Centre is a dedicated service to all patients with pain affecting any part of the body, due to any cause. Here we “ listen “ to the patient, than “ imposing “ on the patients. Care is taken to get back the patient to their normal activities with a good rehabilitative measures.

The clinic specializes in treating Head and neck pain including shoulder pain and Trigeminal Neuralgia, Back pain, Sciatica, Sports Injuries, Nerve related pain, Musculo-Skeletal pain, Joint pain, Cancer Pain, Regenerative Medicine etc. The cause of the pain is thoroughly analyzed and then cured to provide effective, lifelong freedom from pain.

Why Back & Pain Centre?
Well qualified Pain Management Specialist

The clinic is run by Dr Ravi Krishna Kalathur MD, FIPP, CIPS. He is the only Pain Management Specialist in India to be certified in both Fluoroscopic and Ultrasound guided Interventions by World Institute of Pain – USA. He is ably supprorted by a host of Orthopediacians, Surgeons, Neurophysicians and Rehabilitation experts from Apollo Hospitals, who are the best in the country.

Safe, Effective & Non-Surgical Procedures

With pain interventions, open surgery can be avoided or can be deferred for 10 to 15 years. All treatments offered in our clinic are Evidence Based and Scientific which are established practises, in top Hospitals in the world and in this clinic for the past 10 years. When the cause of pain is analysed and assessed patiently, and the remedies provided to the patient involve compassion and care, positive outcomes are imminent, this is “ A WAY OF LIFE “ at Back & Pain Centre.

State of the Art Procedure Room

The Back & Pain Centre has the most advanced Procedure Room in the country with the best equipment that is needed for doing the procedures. The fluoroscopy machine with DSA capabilities, most advanced ultrasound machines, technologically advanced 4 lesioning RF generator, discogenic diagnostic software and most importantly an advanced anaesthesia workstation to ensure maximum precision and nullify complications.

Day Procedures

All procedures are day procedures which mean, you can go back home on the same day and resume work from the next day onwards. Most pain procedures are covered by medical insurance for reimbursements. These procedures have a long lasting relief with minimum disruption of activities of daily living.

For International patients

International Patients from various countries regularly visit the Back and Pain Centre for pain management. We can facilitate the same to ensure that the necessary paperwork is provided.